About us

Touchpoints is a results-driven, growth-oriented, digital marketing consulting agency specializing in Inbound Marketing and content marketing strategy. The company was established to help organizations deal with marketing and sales challenges in the digital age and to allow businesses to adapt their marketing processes to changes in consumer behavior. By leveraging Touchpoint’s precise content marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy, businesses are delighted to discover they generate more leads, increase their sales, and maximize ROI. The work process and services that we provide are customized based on each client’s specific marketing needs and defined budget.

Our Solutions

Inbound Marketing

Management of the entire marketing process throughout the customer journey, beginning with research and strategic planning and continuing with the development of marketing channels, content creation and distribution. The service includes management of all work processes, research, data analysis, and optimization

Content Marketing

Long-term planning of content strategy, content creation, and distribution and promotion through SEO, social media, and emails – as well as interactive content creation to increase customer engagement.

Websites UX

Featuring, designing, and developing a website's UX from A to Z. The service includes researching buyer personas, exploring questions of usability, and researching customers’ digital behavior. It also extends to defining knowledge architecture, content, microcopy, UX/UI design, development, launch and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy, messaging, and content creation, mailing list expansion and maintenance, newsletter distribution and e-mail campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Selection, adaptation and assimilation of automated marketing technologies adapted to the customer's needs.

Training and Lecturing

Workshops, training, and courses on content-based marketing in the digital age.
Touchpoints was founded by Shelly Lavan, a content-based content marketing strategy consultant – and an expert in planning and implementing inbound marketing processes, storytelling, and writing extensive content plans.Shelly Lavan has over twenty years of experience with dozens of companies and hundreds of B2B, B2C and B2B2C marketing projects. She has proven experience in leading content-based campaigns.

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